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Oppi is about having fun giving. Handmade by Jane Trentham, every item of Oppi babywear is sewn from organic, fair trade or upcycled fabric. With each item of Oppi babywear you buy, we give to Tutela Africa; supporting family-based childcare for Mozambique's orphans and most vulnerable children.

Tutela Africa

Why Oppi has chosen to give to Tutela Africa. Supporting family-based childcare through the setting up of foster homes for orphans and vulnerable children in Mozambique.

Save the Children report supports family-based homes for children.

Why Oppi supports Tutela Africa

Shoes carry us home

Oppi started out by providing new shoes for children in need, for every pair of Oppi shoes sold.

But, shoes do not stand still. During her last giving trip to Mozambique Jane realised that, while new shoes remain important, what seemed more critical was the opportunity for children to grow up in a safe, loving family home. With appropriate support, perhaps families could then afford the dignity of providing new shoes for their own children, rather than just relying on handouts.

As a nation Mozambique remains in recovery after years of civil war, flooding and droughts. The issues of housing children, many of whom are orphans, has up-till-now been primarily addressed with institutional care.

But, we didn’t want Oppi to support an institutional model of childcare.

A recent Save the Children report (PDF), states advice from the new International Guiding Principles of the Appropriate Use and Conditions of Alternative Care for Children framework:

Alternative care for all children, and especially those under the age of three years, should be provided in family-type settings within the child’s community, rather than in residential institutions.
— Keeping Children out of Harmful Institutions. Save the Children

Why Oppi chose to partner with Tutela Africa

Tutela Africa are setting out on a journey to challenge traditional models of childcare in Mozambique, by introducing the relatively unknown concept of family-based care. We think this is courageous and we want to encourage them.

Why we support Tutela Africa:

  • We believe children are a gift, they are unique and they deserve to grow up in safe, happy family homes. Tutela Africa are seeking to make this possible for children in Mozambique.
  • We like their values. They believe people are valuable and that partnering with others can bring about the best type of positive change.
  • The founders of Tutela Africa, Jonny and Becky Wakely, are originally from Bath, and have been known to Oppi since we began. Tutela's trustees also live in Bath. We think all this keeps things local and accountable.
  • We recognise the importance of supporting small beginnings, while believing in a bigger vision. It is a privilege to partner with Tutela Africa as they start out. We are excited to share their story as we continue to tell ours.