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Oppi is about having fun giving. Handmade by Jane Trentham, every item of Oppi babywear is sewn from organic, fair trade or upcycled fabric. With each item of Oppi babywear you buy, we give to Tutela Africa; supporting family-based childcare for Mozambique's orphans and most vulnerable children.

Jane Trentham Profile Textiles


February 2017
Evangeline Lucy Trentham born

  • I struggled to find nursing clothes which didn’t contribute to problems of fast fashion, so resigned to the #30Wears philosophy.
  • Both Evie and I wear as many second-hand, fairtrade or Organic clothing as possible. I'm always excited to discover new brands that I feel I can buy from.
  • With many hours spent feeding I read Safia Minney’s Slave to Fashion. We'd been able to contribute to it via her Kickstarter campaign. As well as exposing issues in the industry she shared some great examples of how design and technology are making a positive impact.

January 2017 - present
Maternity Leave from job as Brand and Communications Manager, SRA Architects, Bath


  • Since 2014 I've been overseeing the Company’s brand.
  • While working for SRA as a PA I recognised the need for clearer corporate identity, so proposed and developed their new brand strategy.
  • Key to the success of its implementation was ensuring all senior staff and colleagues were involved in its development and creative expression.
  • I undertook all internal and external brand communications, copywriting, publication, exhibition design and social media. I also worked with the interior designer to oversee the new interior studio design.

Find out more about my role and services as a Brand and Communications Manager

January 2016 - present
Finding out more about the textile industry. And sharing it.

Perturbed by the problems in the textile industry I am trying to find ways of making even the smallest of differences:

  • We hosted a True Cost Movie film evening.
  • I attended an inspirational and challenging talk on Sustainable Fashion by Livia Firth at Bath in Fashion 2016.
  • To understand more about cotton I carried out Oppi Cotton Diary. I learnt why we don't grow cotton in England - and yet we do wear an awful lot of it.
  • I've presented to colleagues about the clothing industry, and opened a discussion on how design might be able to bring about change.
  • I continue to seek out other local socially conscious businesses with the intention to build a like-minded community.
  • I attended a talk by Engineer Ruth Haynes who worked in Dhaka surveying factories after the Rana Plaza disaster. She shared the need for good governance, transparency and professional engineering.

January 2016
Building a Sustainable Fashion Brand : A short course via FutureLearn with The Fashion Forum

Doing the online course provided some great foundational understanding about the fashion industry:

  • As an online class we looked at the complexity of the clothing supply chain and how to approach it ethically.
  • I realised again the importance of telling the story of the product and the brand. It's about trust, authenticity and provenance.
  • I watched The True Cost Movie and read Safia Minney’s book Naked Fashion.  My clothing and business choices have not been the same since.

February 2014
The Secret Power of Brands : A s
hort course via FutureLearn with Wolff Olins and The University of East Anglia

Initially undertaken to help develop the brand of Oppi Design, this course actually let to a turn in my career direction:

  • I realised the importance of having strong core values, a clear vision, good communication channels while also being nimble enough to iterate a brand.
  • Was able to apply my previous study into human behaviour change models, psychology and sociology to the understanding of brand.
  • Read and was inspired by the content of David Hieatt’s book Do Purpose/ Why Brands With Purpose Do Better and Matter More.

February 2013
Travel to Mozambique and South Africa

  • With the help of locals I purchased new shoes and delivered them to children, to fulfil the promise made by Oppi Shoes.
  • I witnessed a charity clothing bundle being delivered to a market in Maputo, Mozambique. I found out that: “Second hand clothing which charity shops can’t sell end up here. It is ruining our local craftsmanship and it takes jobs away from tailors and others in the industry.”
  • On my return to England I formed a partnership with Tutela Africa; a charity working to establish foster care homes in Mozambique (find out more).

2011 - 2014
Personal Assistant, 
Stubbs Rich Architects

  • I assisted the development the company brand.
  • I prepared tender documents.
  • Being part of the support team, I gained valuable insight into small business practices.
  • Senior manager's diary, events, conferences and travel were all taken care of.

2010 - Present
Founded Oppi Shoes Ltd (Oppi Design)

  • I have designed and hand-make baby shoes from organic, fairtrade and upcycled fabrics.
  • Product design, development and testing was a critical stage in the process.
  • I carry out all marketing and sales online and at local artisan markets.
  • All behind-the-scenes administration, including finance and bookkeeping are carried out by myself.
  • I explored outsourcing production to Tanzania in partnership with Neema Crafts - a charity providing employment for people with disabilities. We decided that the partnership wasn’t going to work at that time.  I gained my first insight into some of the complexities of the clothing supply chain.

2009 - 2011
Healthy Schools Project Worker, NHS Bath and North East Somerset

  • I designed resources for effective communication and created fun projects for schools.
  • I joined colleagues on the South West Health Promotion Management Group.
  • The main focused was on delivering measurable change around issues of obesity and emotional wellbeing.
  • To validate our progress I worked with the University of Bath to carry out project evaluations.

2008 - 2009
Travel, including Mozambique

  • During my stay at a children's centre I taught sewing to girls, helping them to learn skills for employment.
  • My visits to the rubbish dump community left me troubled by children’s lack of shoes.

2005 - 2008
Researcher, Stubbs Rich Architects, Bath

  • I joined UWE and WHO researching the effect the built environment has on health and wellbeing.
  • Part of my role including carring out post-occupancy reviews of buildings’ suitability for disabled people.

2002 - 2005
BSc(hons) Health Studies and Design Technology, Bath Spa University

Content included:

  • ealth promotion and communication.
  • Social context of health.
  • Applying behaviour change models.
  • Designing for learning.
  • Sensory textiles for children.