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Oppi is about having fun giving. Handmade by Jane Trentham, every item of Oppi babywear is sewn from organic, fair trade or upcycled fabric. With each item of Oppi babywear you buy, we give to Tutela Africa; supporting family-based childcare for Mozambique's orphans and most vulnerable children.

Designing the Oppi boot

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Designing the Oppi boot

Jane Trentham

Eds cold feet.jpg

Ed got cold feet; that's how it started.

Late last year I received a text from Ed's mum informing me that outings required appropriate footwear; socks simply weren't good enough. Since then I've had fun developing a suitable solution: The Oppi boot.

Ed has fully tried and tested his Oppi boots and I've told been told by his mum that they're perfect for outings, they stay on, keep his feet warm, and look great.

We think you will like them too, so have added them to the Oppi range.  You can find them in our Oppi boot shop.

How I designed the Oppi boot

All Oppi products must be beautifully designed and intricately made. Which means taking care to go through the full design process. Here's how the Oppi boot was designed:

1 The brief

Ed's got cold feet. He needs boots.

2 Specifications

Boots must:

  • keep feet and ankles warm
  • be easy to put on and stay on
  • allow foot movement and growth
  • allow feet to breathe
  • be suitable for boys and girls
  • have hidden, smooth seams
  • be suitable for 0-6 month age babies

Boots must reflect Oppi by:

  • being handmade from beautiful ethically sourced fabrics
  • being unique in style
  • being a joy to give as a gift
  • including the Oppi tag and Oppi logo
  • including elements of a colourful inside peeking out

3 Pattern development

After trying out various styles, it was important to understand the finished shape of the boot. Then it needed to be broken down into pattern pieces. Construction methods informed the pattern dimensions and the final style lines. 

4 Ensuring the boots stay on

The boot needed to have an opening to make it quick and easy to put on. But the opening needed to fasten up well too. I played around with several types including ties and snaps before settling on a soft velcro fastening. It was important to me that the fastening looked good, and became a product feature.

5 Prototype testing

Ed kindly did the testing for us over the course of a month. We were all happy with the results. 

6 Time to make Oppi boots for the shop

Satisfied with the development process and the final design, I set to work to make a Limited Edition Oppi boot. They are available to buy now in our Oppi boot shop.